About Chihuahua

Living in Chihuahua

The city of Chihuahua is the capital of the State of Chihuahua, the largest in the country. This progressive city is located in the center of the state; although it is a medium size city, it is full of places and activities for all tastes.

The historical downtown lodges some of the country's most beautiful constructions, and it represents the spinal cord of the city's everyday life.

For the lovers of culture and entertainment, Chihuahua offers bars, cafes, night clubs, theaters, museums and galleries. All these frame the vivacity of a community that in deed is a fertile field of artistic and cultural production, despite its geopolitical characteristics.

Several restaurants delight the sybarite with a rich variety of regional, national and international cuisine; dishes like the original "machaca", a typical regional dish, numerous fast food franchises, and elaborate dishes from the Italian, Greek, Spanish, German and Cantonese cooking.

It is easy even for the newcomer to travel all over the city thanks to an urban transportation network and taxicabs that will take the traveler to the different places of the city at a cheap price. Due to the small extension of the place, it is very likely to find any product or service within a few blocks from the place the traveler is located at.

The environs of the university campus are the favorite place of foreign students; it is possible to rent an apartment or live with a hosting family. Around the university campus there is a wide variety of businesses like supermarkets, stationery shops, restaurants, bookstores, laundries, etc.; all of these provide the student with practically everything to live comfortably. The services in the area -security, street lighting, highway system, telephone, cable television, etc.- are first-class services and they are cheaper than other states of the country.

An honest and open personality, a service spirit and a permanent disposition to cooperate make of Chihuahua people the perfect hosts.

The State of Chihuahua's natural richness is the result of its extraordinary extension: lakes, forests, waterfalls, rivers, archeological zones, natural dunes; all of them great landscapes that delight those with an adventurous spirit.

Due to its geographical location, the city is really close from any destination: only three and a half hours from the U.S. border traveling by car or by bus, on an excellent highway, and around one and a half hours from Mexico City traveling by airplane from the city's international airport.

Consult the official information published by INEGI.