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Living in Ciudad Juarez

Located in the borderline, just a few minutes from the U.S., Cd. Juarez is a modern and preponderant city.

With a population of 1,217,818 inhabitants (almost half of the state's total population), Juarez is considered one of the ten most important cities in the country, due mainly to the explosive growth of the activities related to the maquiladora industry, the local economy's impulsive activity.

The city has many important artistic and cultural spaces that, together with the ones from the neighboring city of El Paso, Texas in the U.S., form a varied and constant agenda in which even the most demanding person will be satisfied.

Living in this city can be considerably inexpensive; it's plausible to acquire in the U.S. a diversity of products and services, and this sometimes helps to save money.

The City of Juarez takes its name from Benito Juárez, a liberal reformer, and a very important figure of the national history. The city possesses an important plurality of origins and cultures. Because of its geographical and economic characteristics, it represents a constant labor offer at all levels, and this gives it a double attractive in the choosing of where to develop a professional career.

Services like transportation, street lighting system, highway system, telephone lines, cable television, etc., are offered in practically all the locality's zones.

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